John Whitgift Academy Ethos

Welcome to John Whitgift Academy’s information page for Year 6 students. At John Whitgift we provide a safe, vibrant and inclusive learning environment for all our students.

Our ethos underpins everything we do:

Principle 1 – Academic achievement through personal excellence

Principle 2 – Courtesy, co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect

Principle 3 – Innovative, enterprising and energising curriculum with a variety of enrichment activities supporting students to become responsible citizens both at school and in the community

Year 7 – Your First Year

Parents Evening – Towards the end of the first term, you will be invited to come in and meet with your child’s tutor to check that they have settled in to John Whitgift Academy.  It will give you the opportunity to raise and issues or ask any questions you may have.  You will also get some feedback from your child’s tutor as to how well the academy feels they have begun their time as a John Whitgift Academy student. A second parents evening will take place towards the end of Spring Term and a third parents evening at the end of the academic year.

Student Reports – You will receive a Student Report twice a year which will include an attitude to learning grade as well as attendance; we encourage all students to attend regularly and punctually to maximise their potential.  The national average attendance is 95% and we expect all students to have attendance above this national average.

End of Year Exams – Students in every year group undertake formal examinations in all their subjects starting in Year 7. These will test your knowledge and understanding of the work you have done throughout the year and help you to prepare for your GCSE examinations at the end of Year 11. 

Year 7 School Bus – John Whitgift Academy provides a school bus including four bus stops in the surrounding area.  This gives both parents and students support in getting to school and returning home safely in their first year at secondary school.

Year 7 Uniform – Your first initial full uniform including PE kit is provided by our academy free of charge.  Our suppliers arrange uniforms during transition days and uniforms are available during summer holidays on designated days in ‘pop-up’ shops by our uniform supplier here at John Whitgift Academy.

Trips and Visits – We traditionally offer trips and visits to all year 7 students and although the pandemic has put these on hold, we are hoping to get back to normal in 2021/2022.   

Extra-Curricular Activities – There are many activities for Year 7 students to get involved with outside of lessons including sporting activities, music performances, gardening club as well as subject clubs including homework club.  Peripatetic music teachers meet weekly with students to teach a variety of musical instruments as well as singing lessons. We also have a Student Voice council with student ambassadors representing all year groups 7 through to 10 meeting regularly to discuss school issues and look at ways to improve our academy.  These will all hopefully be put back on for all students in the new academic year.

JWA Journal – We work in collaboration with Lincoln University Media Department to produce a newspaper twice a year; this is student led with articles and photographs supplied, written and edited by students.  A special day is allocated for our team of journalists either here at John Whitgift Academy or at Lincoln University to provide a realistic and authentic environment representative of a day in the life of a journalist.

Rewards – Students need to display good attendance and excellent behaviour to participate in enrichment trips and events.  Whitcoin are issued regularly for attitude to learning, work produced, attendance and supporting John Whitgift Academy by helping out on parents’ evenings or events and activities.

Our students and staff are proud to be part of John Whitgift Academy and we want you to join us and be part of our community and recent excellent results.

In the meantime, if you have any queries please contact

John Whitgift Academy Uniform

Free uniform: SPT Uniforms are the approved provider of Delta uniform. They offer an excellent service to ensure that ordering your child’s academy uniform is easy and stress-free.

Your child’s first uniform will be provided free of charge.  Thank you for providing us with your child’s measurements submitted with your completed induction pack.  If you haven’t submitted your uniform form yet please contact as as soon as possible to ensure we can provide your free uniform.  Uniforms will be delivered to us in July and we will provide further details nearer the time as to how to collect these.

There will be a ‘pop up’ shop in August at John Whitgift Academy where you can exchange uniform.  There will also be a form to return goods to exchange for different sizes.  Please note that there is a strict uniform policy and all uniform must comply to academy guidelines.

Please click below to order additional Delta Academies Trust Uniform. Please see documents at the bottom of the page.

The online store offers a simple way to order all your academy uniform in one place.

To order uniform and for more information please visit

SPT Uniforms have produced some videos to help you measure for uniform.

Click the link below to see them.

If you have any enquiries/queries regarding the purchasing of uniform, please contact spt uniforms:


Telephone: 0113 245 9959 (Main Office)

Office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Year 5, 6 and 7 Events

You may have been to John Whitgift Academy to take part in some of the events or you may be coming this year. 

  • Primary Maths challenge
  • Primary Literacy Challenge
  • Year 5 Taster Days
  • Year 6 Open Evening
  • Watching a film in our John Whitgift Academy Theatre
  • Having swimming lessons either via primary school or private lessons at one of our two swimming pools.