More Able Provision

More Able provision

At John Whitgift Academy, we provide an outstanding education for all our students with an aspirational curriculum which is both stimulating and demanding. All students are challenged within an environment that fosters deep thinking and engagement with challenging concepts. Our curriculum is rich and varied, sequenced to stimulate, stretch, and challenge all students, building their knowledge over their five years with us at JWA.

Our more able students are challenged and supported so that they meet their full potential as independent, confident, and resilient learners. We prepare them for the next life stage by unlocking their full academic potential as well as nurturing their emotional, physical, social, and spiritual growth, introducing them to a wide range of opportunities, experiences, and enrichment. Students are challenged to be curious, learning by asking questions of the world around them.

Our more able students are encouraged to contribute to the wider community. Below, you will find our enrichment guide which details some of the brilliant opportunities available to our students. We encourage all more able students to attend at least one enrichment activity per week, whether it be sport, art, performance, or music. Students are also encouraged to take part in cross-academy events and competitions which can all be found on the More Able students tile on Microsoft Teams. This can be accessed via the student VLE.

These pages will help you to support your child during their time at JWA, nurturing their academic and social development. We encourage wider reading and learning outside of the classroom. Our student/parent guides will support you in this process.

Wider Reading

What is wider reading and why should I do it?
Wider reading is when students, like yourself, independently read different types of texts about
certain topics to build their knowledge. For example, you could read books, magazines, newspapers
or online articles.

When you leave school, you’ll chose the subjects you study, presumably, because you enjoy them and/or you know they will support your application to attend a particular pathway when you move on. Wider reading should therefore be enjoyable; it’ll allow you to explore each of your subjects in a really personal way as you select different topics and texts that are of interest to you.

As well as being enjoyable, wider reading should also help you with your studies as it can deepen your
awareness and understanding of different areas of your course. Due to this, it can also set you up well
for continuing to study or work in a particular subject area. Wider reading, and the knowledge you
acquire from it, will help you to think critically about different issues. Wider reading demonstrates the passion and dedication you have for your chosen subject.

Parental and Student Guide

Parental Guidance