Time Capsule unearthed in refurbishment at John Whitgift Academy

The programme of building works and refurbishment at John Whitgift Academy has unearthed a time capsule buried deep under a flowerbed between North and East Blocks. Sealed in 1998, an array of Whitgift and Grimsby memorabilia has been perfectly preserved, capturing a very specific look into our local history.

Looking back at what was popular in our culture then we can see how far we have come. Google was only launched in 1998, the angel of the north sculpture in Newcastle had only just been finished, and the O2 Arena (previously known as the millennium dome) was being built. Locally, Grimsby Town was in the first division, and you could still shop at Woolworths. A lot has changed over the last 28 years, but a quick look into the capsule shows at the same time. not much has.
Some of the most special memories discovered in the time capsule include a winning poem written in memory of Leah Betts by E.Linford, a student at the time who is now a JWA English teacher. Original copies of planners, schoolwork and parental letters provide a clear look into the running of the school in the 90s. Many programmes from productions such as West Side Story were found, along with film photographs of staff and students, flyers advertising upcoming screenings in the movie theatre (Sliding Doors or Spiceworld: The Movie anyone?!), and even a Happy Meal toy.

Staff at John Whitgift plan to create a full digital archive to share the findings of the capsule with the local community. In the upcoming year, current staff and students will refill and rebury the time capsule with souvenirs of today to capture the current moment for future generations to come.