Trustee Vision

On behalf of the Trustees of John Whitgift Academy, welcome to our website and I hope you find its contents informative and relevant.

Any prospective parent or carer will be focussing on what is best for their child’s education. As a parent myself I understand the importance of this choice and I hope our academy exceeds your expectations.

The Trustees of John Whitgift Academy (JWA) are committed to providing the best educational experience possible for all our students.

Our vision statement makes it clear that we are determined to continue our journey of continual improvement. We are transforming JWA into an outstanding school that is at the heart of its community. But we will always ensure that JWA meets the needs of all learners irrespective of ability, gender, socio-economic background or ethnicity.

We remain committed to providing an educational experience that is enjoyable, stimulating, challenging but, above all, equips the student for the future. Providing students with the appropriate skills for employment, career progression and further educational studies are our top priorities.

The Trustees, as you would expect, have a wide range of practical experience from industry and education. The board membership includes specialists in post-16 education, industrialists, and, of course, parents. As a body we challenge and support the Principal, Mr Robert Spendlow, and his management team, to improve the academy’s performance.

We are proud to be a member academy of the Delta Academies Trust (Delta). It is an outstanding educational provider and nationally renowned. In partnership with Delta, John Whitgift Academy will build on our shared vision of delivering an outstanding and inclusive education for all our students.

Finally, we have a proven track record for openness and accountability throughout the academy and, on behalf of the Trustees, you are most welcome to visit our academy to see for yourselves our learning environment and our facilities.

Gail Young

Chair of Trustees.