Subject Area:

Design Technology


Teaching staff:

Mr R Howard

Mr S Bright

KS4 Course Title

BTEC Engineering Tech Award


KS4 Exam Board and Course Number

3 Units, 2 coursework and internal exam [Pearson]


Coursework and Exam Percentages

Coursework 60% external

Exam 40% internal

KS4 Course Details:

In Component 1 students get to know the engineering sectors and design applications.

During Component 2 students develop skills by investigating an engineering product.

For Component 3, students will develop and design their own solution to a client brief.


KS4 Number of lessons per week:


Year 7 Course Details:

Key tag

Skills test

Coat hooks

Money box

Engineering drawing/ 3D drawing [CAD]

Acrylic mobile phone holder

After school Technology club [Wednesday]

Year 8 Course Details:


Key tag [metal]


Engineering drawing [CAD]


KS3 Number of lessons per week


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