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JWA Teaching & learning bulletin

Half term 3 - 2018

 Outstanding Teaching and learning at JWA

Keep experimenting with a range of the structures in your lessons.

Some are easier to use than others and timings should be carefully planned; taking risks and trying something new is a challenge, but also exciting and the students benefit from their classroom experiences not being as predictable.

We know you’re including a range of learning structures into your teaching, but if you’ve not used ‘Active Listen’ before or you haven’t used it for a while, here are a few of our thoughts for you to consider…

  1.  When sharing information carefully consider the amount of time that you are talking/using multimedia.  Will the learners be able to remember the key points that you aim for them to learn?  You can always ‘chunk’ the information and work with steps 1 to 3 for a while before moving onto step 4.
  2. When asking the learners to “record it” expect them to produce their ‘best work’ – neat, pen for written work, pencil for drawings and good SPaG.
  3. Use Teacher Toolkit to randomly select one pair to feedback.


Use ‘Snipping Tool’ to easily copy and paste images / text into your lesson presentations and resources. 

Book to consider…

Insight by Tasha Eurich.

“As teachers we are very reflective but are we self-aware?  I decided to read this book during the last half-term to challenge my own thinking and to see how it might influence me” Mr S. Bright

I first heard of Dr Tasha Eurich when I watched her TED Talk video which you can access at:


I would recommend watching the video and reading her book which I found to be very interesting.       Dr. Eurich provides persuasive, counterintuitive arguments to explain why sometimes the common sense advice about self-awareness isn't actually what will help us understand better who we are and how others see us. The quizzes and exercises were useful in putting her advice into action. I feel like I've learned a lot!

Literacy focus

We are continuing our focus with students and the use of capital letters, full stops and the use of full sentences, both verbally and in written work. It is useful to model how to answer questions using the question as a stem and to provide other sentence stems to support. Remember to use the icons to support your resources, as reminders to yourselves and the students.

Get in touch

If you have any ideas/strategies/websites you would like to suggest please email: clarks@johnwhitgift.org.uk or brights@johnwhitgift.org.uk