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JWA Teaching & learning bulletin

Half term 1 - 2017


Welcome to the first teaching and learning newsletter of the academic year. Celebrations took place in August after a fantastic set of GCSE results achieved by the students, the best results ever achieved at JWA.This improvement is a direct result of the strong work ethic of students supported by highly skilled and dedicated staff as well as highly supportive parents. Congratulations to everyone concerned.

Di Casajuana – Governor (Teaching and Learning link)

Outstanding Teaching and Learning at JWA

We have some outstanding teachers at JWA and in order to allow us to observe good practices, time will be given in lieu of Tuesday CPD time, to give us all the opportunity to get in to see other people’s lessons. Please let Sarah Clark know if you have a specific request.

Current Academy Focus
Please contact the people listed below who are leading in these areas if you have any questions or would like any support:

More able – Matt White

Numeracy across the curriculum – Kate McCloskey

Literacy across the curriculum – Sarah Clark.

Recommended resources/videos/websites

Students using full sentences to answer all questions

This video shows the importance of this with relevance to a maths lesson


Doug Lemov’s book ‘Teach like a champion’ is full of techniques to move learning forward. Check out the website for videos and resources


Literacy focus

One of our specific aims for this academic year is to encourage students to always answer using full/complete sentences in all subjects, at all times. We believe that this will be a positive habit which will serve students well in their final exams. Sentences should never start with words like ‘because’.

It may be helpful to ask students to use the question to form the opening of their sentence.

For example:

How fast can a human sneeze travel?

A human sneeze can travel at 100mph.

Numeracy focus

What method of multiplication do the students use?

Generally, students in year 9 upwards will have been taught the grid method.

More Able

Another key focus this year is to stretch and challenge the more able. Matt White is leading on this and has suggested some strategies to try.

Teen teachers. Students are given a feature of grammar and asked to prepare a short presentation/lesson on it. They then deliver this to younger students or peers. Avoid too much guidance – they’ll be far more creative!

Decisions. In groups, get students to come to a complex decision about something. This works best if it is grounded in a ‘real world’ scenario e.g.: a)deciding what should be done about a 13 year old who damaged property in the London riots, or b) imagining they are the new PM and outlining their top ten priorities for change.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 31st October   - Literacy across the curriculum

Tuesday 7th November – subject specific training

Tuesday 14th November:

Group 1 – Differentiation                           

Group 2 -  Differentiation with collaborative learning and AfL - NSY, CGY, JM

Tuesday 28th November – Numeracy and literacy across the curriculum, challenging the more able

Tuesday 5th December – CPD – sharing of good practice – timetable to be created for staff to observe others

Get in touch

If you have any ideas/strategies/websites you would like to suggest please email: clarks@johnwhitgift.org.uk