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JWA Teaching & learning bulletin

Half term 2 - 2017


We have had another busy half term at JWA continuing to improve our teaching and learning with the use of collaborative learning; developing literacy and numeracy strategies across the curriculum and our support of all students, particularly the most able. Many new strategies will be put in place at the start of 2018.

Outstanding Teaching and Learning at JWA

Students make good and outstanding progress when they work both independently and collaboratively and when they are highly engaged in their learning. Collaborative learning is all about engagement. By adopting a collaborative learning approach in lessons students are able to demonstrate high levels of engagement as a result of participating in stimulating, co-operative activities, which research has shown boosts academic achievement, promotes higher-order thinking skills and which are both challenging and fun. Within a lesson or series of lessons, collaborative learning activities are meaningful, have a positive impact on students’ learning and develops their skills.

The use of the learning structures in lessons make a clear difference. Are there any structures that you have not tried that you could try next half term?

Current Academy Focus

 Read to Succeed

To encourage and support students with their reading, we are launching our ‘Read to Succeed’ campaign. We believe that reading is vitally important to the development of key literacy skills, which support all subjects. Students will be expected to bring a reading book with them every day and will be given opportunities every day to read. Adults will read at the same time and a bookcase of books will be made available in the reception for staff, visitors and members of the community to take and leave books. Books will also be made available in the school canteen for students. Activities, wall displays and prizes will support the campaign. Please let us know if you have any further ideas to make this campaign successful for all.

 Recommended resources/videos/websites

Dylan Williams says that ‘feedback should cause thinking

Therefore it is important when planning that we include DIRT time (designated improvement and reflection time)

To ensure that students are given enough time to really think before responding in green pen.

Literacy focus

We are continuing with the CAPITAL LETTER  literacy focus in half term 2 but we will also add in FULL STOPS. The link below is a short song about full stops
We will also be continuing with our important focus on students answering questions using full sentences, when they are writing and answering questions verbally. Using full sentences will support students and their developing communication skills, and the process of thinking needed before using a full sentence clearly develops the learning process. Please encourage students at all time with this process.
Numeracy focus

In what order should we calculate?

Students should use "BIDMAS".  This stands for brackets, indices, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction, and tells students in which order to perform operations.


7 + 5 x 9 + (10 - 2)

7 + 5 x 9 + 8

7 + 45 + 8

So the solution is 60.

More Able

Clearly it is vitally important that we differentiate in class with more able students being provided with Gold outcomes and tasks. When planning, think about higher order skills and questioning – the most able students being stretched?  Perhaps you could provide extension/gold or platinum tasks or questions on your ppt slides to ensure that challenge is always provided. Is independence being developed, with MA students being asked to complete tasks, or even projects, separately with less support than the rest of the class. Homework too can be more challenging for our MA students, with research tasks being set for example.

Many exciting events are being planned by Mr White to interest, challenge and inspire the most able students. Please contact him if you would like to be involved.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 15th January – CPD on numeracy, literacy, more able and pupil premium

Get in touch

If you have any ideas/strategies/websites you would like to suggest please email: clarks@johnwhitgift.org.uk