CEIAG at Forest Pines

10th November 2016

The journey to Higher Education

Students from all over the region discovered what options are available after finishing school at a conference called FORCE.

FORCE, sponsored by the University of Hull, stands for the Federation of Regional Colleges for Engagement.

The scheme supports colleges and universities to get students thinking about what they want to do in the future, including advice on following the correct career path for them.

The educational trip to Forest Pines Hotel, Scunthorpe, included a conference that was mainly used to persuade young people from different academies around the area of Lincolnshire to consider higher education.

Institutions at the event included Riseholme College, a land-based college based in Lincolnshire that specialises in agricultural courses.

Features available included a mechanical horse for those wanting to try riding for the first time, as well as wildlife such as a giant millipede and African land snail.

Jack Blewitt from John Whitgift Academy said: “the educational trip was very useful because I learnt what it would be like if I was a college or university student.

 “I think it was an important trip as I learnt a lot about higher education, as well as how they work. I found out the structure of the timetables were very different at university, and how different lectures are to school classes.”

“I also think I really benefited from this educational trip because it makes me think about which college and university I would like to go to”

Our head of year, Mr Tuffnell said: “I think it was extremely useful and gave an insight into further education and the opportunities that are available to all our students at John Whitgift Academy.”

For more information on higher education and careers, visit https://www.ucas.com.