Mission Statement

The Governing Body are determined to secure the long term future of John Whitgift Academy by transforming it into an outstanding academy that is at the heart of its community. It will be recognised by all stakeholders as a provider of outstanding secondary education that meets the needs of all learners irrespective of ability, gender, socio-economic background or ethnicity.

In so doing the aim is to become the secondary academy of choice for families who live in the identified catchment area and to also attract learners from other parts of the Borough.


John Whitgift Academy, working in close formal collaboration with the Delta Academies Trust and its other committed partners, seeks to provide a life-enhancing educational experience for our students. It will provide a full range of relevant opportunities to enable them to develop and progress to become active citizens who live life to the full and gain skills to engage as a skilled, confident and effective workforce.  Key to this is the commitment of John Whitgift Academy and its partners in ensuring that every young person has a full understanding of the part they must take in working towards empowered independence with the personal capacity to successfully manage their future life and work within their family circle and the wider community.

The vision will be realised through:

  • whit12Strong leadership that provides the strategic vision and motivation for change in the context of professional accountability.
    The impact of senior management on promoting leadership and engagement across the academy community will be enhanced through collaboration with the School partnership Trust and other successful partners. This will include the provision of new opportunities for leadership for both staff and students and will increase the capacity for change and improvement at all levels within the school and community.
  • The promotion of a positive academy ethos and culture conducive to change. Staff and students will be involved in decision making processes, be empowered to take responsibility for transformational activities and become more involved in the academy and community development. The outcome of this process will be a collaborative model of participation resulting in good or better outcomes for all learners.
  • The promotion of innovation, an intentionality curriculum that engages and motivates all learners with the flexibility to meet learners’ needs and appropriate recognition of achievement.
    This will result in good student engagement and progress in line with their prior attainment, will raise the attainment of learners and enable them to be equipped with the necessary skills to effectively progress to the next stage of their learning/employment.
  • School based CPD
    In conjunction with the Delta Academies Trust a planned programme will enable teachers to innovate, evaluate and embed new approaches to teaching and learning that will be effective in John Whitgift’s setting. The outcome will be good or better teaching and learning in all classrooms..
  • A culture of self-evaluation and critical reflection will be at the heart of the transformational process. Resources will be committed to enable staff to apply research methods and analysis with the aim of improving pedagogy and teaching and learning. The outcome will be that all learners receive at least a good standard of education in all areas of the school.
  • whit18The establishment of a sustainable partnership working between John Whitgift Academy, the Delta Academies Trust and other outstanding schools, post 16 providers and local employers to develop measures and systems that are fully integrated into the curriculum and school systems.
    The Governing Body’s commitment to work in formal partnership with other members of the Delta Academies Trust will mean that a share of its budget will be allocated on an annual basis to sustain effective partnership working. This will add capacity to John Whitgift which will result in sustained and rapid improvement.
  • A planned and systematic programme of activity to engage with parents and local employers must be developed.
    This will support the personal, educational and vocational guidance of students to empower and enable them to make effective decisions and plans about their educational/life and work future.
  • A planned programme of activity to promote successful partnership working with associated primary schools
    This will promote effective transition for all and enable planned targeted support for vulnerable students. This will enhance the provision of specific learning programmes.
  • A planned programme of activity to promote successful partnership working with associated post 16 providers
    This will promote transition, and provide targeted support for identified groups of students and implement specific learning programmes.